Saturday, January 2, 2010

Seafood Dry Rub Naming Contest and Giveaway

One of my favorite and most versatile products is our Seafood Rub. I use it on everything from French fries, to ribs, to smoked walleye. One thing I have noticed is the name "Seafood" sometimes stops people from using their imaginations when cooking with it. Some people even think there is seafood in the rub(there is not) or can't believe it would be good on a steak (it is!). All this limitation just from a name.

So I've come here to ask you thoughts on a new name for this product that is good for so many things. Please leave your name suggestions in the comments below. I will review all of the submissions and if I choose your name for my product, I will send you a full line gift pack consisting of all three sauces (Original, Extra Spicy, Cranberry Orange) and all three dry rubs (Original, Seafood, Mediterranean Poultry Rub), a $56 value! If none of the names are what I are looking for, I will do a random drawing of all the name submissions to find a winner for the prize.

If you are stumped for a new name, feel free to pick any of the submitted names as your favorite. I will also be doing a random drawing from these comments. Pick your favorite name and you could win all three of our dry rubs, a $22.50 value!

If you think the Seafood Rub name is good as is, feel free to mention that in the comments to get an entry in the 3 pack dry rub drawing.

For additional entries, mention this contest on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog and gain an additional entry for the dry rub 3-pack with each mention. Just be sure to come back here with a link to your post. Put each entry in a separate comment.

Please make sure you leave a way for me to contact you in your comment.

This contest will be open for the next two weeks. Offer ends Jan 16th.

Here is some more information to get your ideas flowing. It was created to enhance the buttery flavors in fish, but I have found it equally delicious on pork, chicken, and even steaks. Try it on a baked potato! Popcorn!

Here are more ways I have found it to be delicious ... ribs, hash browns, scallops, blue gill, beef tips, cauliflower, scrambled eggs, pasta, bass, roast pork loin, prime rib, corn on the cob, French fries ... you get the idea.

I use only high quality herbs, spices and sea salt in these rubs. No fillers, no MSG, no anti-caking agents. It is just good stuff!

Let's hear your idea for a new name!

Thanks for your help!
Ken Wolfe