Monday, January 21, 2013

Preserved Meyer Lemons

Every January we are lucky enough to get a box of organic homegrown Meyer lemons from a friend in Southern California.  We eat, bake, and cook with as many as we can while fresh, and we stuff the rest of them in jars with salt and spices, a traditional Moroccan way of preserving lemons, used as a condiment and seasoning in many dishes.
My favorite technique is to cut the lemons in half, dip them in salt, then pack them into jars, smashing them a bit to get some juice out.  I also like to add coriander, bay leaf, chili flake, and cinnamon chips to the jars for additional flavor.
The jars will continue to fill up with the juice of the lemons.  Let them sit on the counter about a week, then refrigerate for another 3 weeks before use.  Be sure to keep any lemon pieces submerged in the liquid.