Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mediterranean Pork and Beans

1 pork shoulder roast (picnic roast, pork butt) size to fit your crock pot or nesco
1 large lemon
½ pack Howling Wolf Mediterranean Poultry Rub
½ lb Great northern beans, soaked
1 28oz can diced tomatoes
1 red pepper

Rub the pork with the zest of the lemon and coat well with the Howling Wolf Rub. Let sit over night.
Place pork shoulder in a large crock pot or cooker of choice.
Drain beans and add to the pot
Turn on low add ½ cup of water (add more if needed near end of cooking)
When pork has become tender, (approx. 6 hours or when you get home from work) add the diced tomatoes and peppers.
Season to taste  with salt and pepper
The pork should fall apart with a fork.  Pull out the bones and shred meat.  
This can be done in an oven as well in a large covered pot on low (200).  (I do not recommend this method unless you are home to monitor it.)