Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hot to Cook! - A Cool Salad for Hot Weather

It is TOO hot to cook tonight, even outside on the grill, so I made a refreshing cool salad for dinner using my Cranberry Orange BBQ Sauce as a dressing.  It is so good, needs no additions, right out of the bottle.  Think of it like a spicy, slightly thicker, and more flavorful French Dressing. 

On the way home I picked up a rotisserie chicken from the store, and grabbed a few garden essentials.  This sauce pairs well with red onion, peppers, and cheddar cheese, so of course I had to add some 4 year from Widmer's.  Once home, I shredded the chicken, and added it to the other ingredients.  Play around with what you might like.  The corn in this salad was a really nice addition.

Other ideas for ingredients are deli ham, turkey, cucumbers, hard boiled egg, and/or broccoli. 

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