Sunday, March 16, 2014

Howling Wolf Sweet & Sour Chicken

I live in a small town, with no good Chinese food anywhere close by. That means if I want it, I need to make it myself at home. I was pleasantly surprise to discover my Howling Wolf Cranbery Orange BBQ Sauce , when combined with the red onions and green peppers in this dish, makes an excellent traditional tasting sweet & sour glaze. The flavor combinations this dish creates give you a beautiful, fresh tasting meal, with no MSG, preservatives, or any other unnecessary filler. And it is so easy!

20 oz chicken thighs
1 lg  green pepper
1 lg red bell pepper
1 med red onion
1 bunch green onion
vegetable oil for sautéing
2-3 cups (before cooking) white short grain rice (sushi rice, Rose, Cal Rose)
1/3cup Howling wolf Cranberry orange BBQ sauce
optional soy sauce and sesame oil

Start cooking the rice per the package
Large dice the peppers and onions and set aside in one bowl
Slice the chicken in strips and set aside. Optional lightly coat with the soy sauce and sesame oil.
Heat sauté pan on high and add the chicken and lightly brown. 
Add peppers and onions and heat through.  (you still want them crunchy)
Add the Howling Wolf Cranberry Orange BBQ Sauce and coat the ingredients.  Serve with the rice and top with the green onions. 
Remember for best results,  the whole cooking takes a very short time and is on high heat the entire time. 
The chicken can be substituted with shrimp too 

If you discover a great use for Howling Wolf BBQ sauces or Rubs, please feel free to share!  I love to hear your suggestions.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get updates on my new recipe ideas.