Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oven Roasted Baby Back Ribs

Cooking baby back ribs in your oven can be a satisfying way to get your bbq fix in the middle of winter or when you don't have a lot of time.  My technique is fast and easy, you will be licking your fingers in no time.

Baby back ribs are very tender ribs, so they do not need to be cooked long in the oven  Cooking them for a long time, other than smoking, will just dry them out.

I also do not recommend  boiling them in any type of liquid first.  Doing this will only rob the meat of flavor and the texture will be all wrong.  Well cooked ribs should have a little pull to them. Technically you don't want the meat to fall off the bone, the meat should pull cleanly off the bone with a little bit of resistance.

preheat your oven to 400 degrees

Season the ribs with salt and pepper or any of my Howling Wolf Dry Rubs, see top rack in first picture for the proper amount. Since baby back ribs are a bit thinner than other types of ribs, you can go easy on the dry seasoning.  Place the ribs on a shallow baking sheet or roasting pan.  You can then decide to slather on a sauce. I prefer my Howling Wolf Cranberry Orange BBQ Sauce for cooking on the meat, or sometimes I roast my ribs with just a rub and dip them in sauce as I eat them.  My Original BBQ and the Extra Spicy work best as finishing/dipping sauces.

cook the ribs for 1 hour - serve immediatly